Importance Embroidery Digitizing
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Importance Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing

For decades, embroidery has played a role in decorating and enhancing the beauty of the fabric. In our ancestor’s age, hand embroidery was more popular. In those days, females used to decorate their wear with different types of hand embroidery. For them, embroidery not only kept them occupied in their leisure time but it showed their inner talent and creativity. With the passing of time, hand embroidery became a source of income for many and thus, people started taking it seriously. Slowly, the market for embroidery started growing vastly. Hand embroidery is exclusive no doubt but it consumes time. Thus, there evolved a need for machine embroidery.

Embroidery is an art game played with a needle and thread. Today, machine embroidery is very popular and in demand. Machine embroidery requires a special sewing machine used for creating embroidery designs on fabrics. Mainly two types of machine embroidery are popular, i.e. free-motion and computerized.

Free-motion machine embroidery is good for limited stocks but computerized embroidery is used for commercial use to meet the huge demands of locals and exports as well. The demand for machine embroidery is growing and computerized embroidery has added a facility for quick delivery by making the process easier.

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